What is an Aeolipile?

An Aeolipile is a device which is considered to be the first working steam engine and boiler, and the precursor to the jet engine. Invented circa 100 B.C. by the Alexandrian scientist Heron (also called Hero), his Aeolipile consisted of a sphere mounted on a boiler by an axial shaft and having two canted nozzles to produce a rotary motion from the escaping steam.

What is Medusa?

Medusa is a glass Aeolipile, designed by Joan Brigham and the glass was blown by Eric Starosielski. Below are pictures of Medusa, which was aquired from the WGBH auction. There is also link to a short video of Medusa.

Here Is The Video in AVI Format.
Here Is The Video in WMV Format.
Either way its better to right-click and download them, than it is to play them from here.